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  • It’s not just settling for less : it’s just creating boundaries

    Never embrace a place where you’re not received Never justify the demeaning and disrespect made or done towards you Always clarify your position with your kind gestures and be firm about your boundaries lest you be taken for granted for your emphatic character It’s easy for some people to conclude that you’re naive or timid […]

  • Self sufficiency:A must

    We often get deceived in to thinking that depending on others intellectually and emotionally will help us be better human whereas all we need to do is to reach deep into our souls and read our own instinct in Oder for us to know when we’re being used and played or deceived . Listen to […]


    over-exaggerating your importance to other people is like setting yourself up for disappointment , people you give too much credit might see you as their sub. People have lives and they’re going through something , hence them ignoring your calls or messages also them not inviting you to their personal events . To them you’re […]

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Ndo Dlakadla

Award winning Artist/Musician /Singer/songwriter , Podcaster &Mother .

albums : Truth Be told (2017) & Rhythm of Worship (2014) , single (NGIZOKUDUMISA) .

Music available on iTunes,tidal,googleplay music ,Spotify and in in all other digital platforms including retail stores near you .

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