Messengers of change: The awakening

I believe We go through life challenges when we are due for change . How we survive those challenges determine our path and if we pass we move forward and if we fail we remain stagnant and not move any further until we get it . Messengers of change come in different forms

They come in different ways and different times . We never recognise them because they’re not meant to be seen yet they’re meant to pose a challenge for our worth in determining how much we can carry should the next level be granted .

In some it’s easier because their All and efforts limits might be a quoter of someone’s hundred,,,meaning my great could be another’s nothing and perhaps mediocre .

What one admires another despises . That’s how sometimes life works ,yet we keep focusing of what those with expectations over our lives think and try to impress them at our expense .

Life is but a journey , an individual journey that requires one to introspect more often for solutions suitable for their path. Not their spectators.

Messengers of change are there to help ,guide and assist us into becoming the best we can be . A hard path ,yet rewarding when well thought of . At the end of the day ,we do win if we keep trying , because not much of us is requested … just faith as little as a mustard seed then we cross over at as I’d like to believe


Well the truth is ,what’s heavy on others ! it’s feather light on others . The truth is we are all well taken care of by these messengers of change , we evolve through change . We grow through change and we learn through change Change is good ,yet challenging because pursuing the unknown is scary ,yet has potential to educate and elevate should you apply your fearless mode and strength.

What have you got to loose anyway ? Messengers of change have been assigned! all we need to do is to just abide and listen to their guides as they help us navigate through life using the life lessons they’re here to help &teach us . Well our roots will determine the trees and the trees will determine the fruits and the fruits will determine the season . For each phase there is a new challenge .

As I conclude . Every phase of life must have a pre season and a post season.,, just like four seasons of the year . The other introduces the other hence they each play a role amongst each other. They’re all important, they create a whole cycle of change .

Change is good . We just need to find a way to adjust and allow messengers of change guide us as they draw us closer to our creator and help us get in-tune with our inner selves .

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