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Editor : Ndo DLAKADLA

Well for some of us ,when we’re young especially from disadvantaged societies we tend to seek to find validation and affirmation from those we regarded as our guides and due to the fact that no one ever tried or bothered to grant us such we tend to seek it from strangers who happen to have been exposed to what we crave or desperate for.

Therefore We find ourselves in search for something we never received and will never receive,simply because the people who were suppose to give it to us were not exposed to such information or the importance of such things as it stems from generations.

I mean ,how can you teach something you yourself was never taught? How do you give knowledge of information you were never exposed to ? How do you behave the way others expected when you never agreed to any of the terms they esteemed you to do or provide ? How on earth are you expected to give what you never had let alone never exposed to ?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves before we claim disappointment in others . It’s easy to say so much and that they let you down by how they did things yet they never made any agreements with you and your expectations. Even worse when they start resenting and hating on someone they never even shown any interest on.

It’s amazing when you’re someone important in the society in-terms of tittle and profile, in that case some people regard you as important until you loose it all and become a nobody in their view then they show you how they actually views you (true Colours or rather the truth about how they feel about you ) to some you’re as good as your tittle and to some you’re as important as your profile.

At some point because they somehow believed you had potential to be of use to them they regarded you as this important entity into their lives until you weren’t . I have learned the lesson of life . In some cases they regard you highly until they’re exposed to your reality and learn that you’re human like them therefore they have concluded there is absolutely nothing you can do for them which they can’t do for themselves , that way you’re of no use to them in any way shape or form hence the treatment that follows.

Humans have a good and a bad side . We choose which one thrives. However it is sad that we live in a society that believes kindness and meekness represent weakness and foolishness in some cases it is regarded as naive . With that sad reality we find such people treated unfairly or used as ladders by those who have no empathy whatsoever.

Life truly is but a journey for those willing to learn life lessons . We are all going to experience such. however,we choose to be resentful or let go of pain caused and teach love to those who have given up either from a distance or close.

Choose peace or keep contending for a space in that persons heart . Contending for a space in such humans will never end well if they happen to notice it’s possible to use your need to be in their lives as some opportunistic reaction by subconsciously using you as their errands entity .

You cannot keep contending for a space in someone’s heart if they want you in their lives. In My view it either they want you or they simply just don’t . Deal with it and find ways to console yourself and work on your urge to fit in to that persons life . Lest you be disappointed and hurt by your own expectations .

Life is not as black and white . It has so many colours that even grey areas are vague . There will always be a thin line in between every efforts or things . At least try and content for your own achievements and learn to clap hands for yourself if needs be . The world has become more crueler that it was even though nothing under the sun is new . It’s all a repetitions of generations to generations from far back since the existence of humanity .

From the archives .

We cannot rectify faults we have no clue of where they stern from . We remain asking questions as we grow with the information given and work with what seem to make sense . It’s a pity even the older generations have a possibility to be teach manipulated information that suited those who taught them .

Hence we remain a lost generation that is forever asking questions with no answers then we end up believing what’s wrong makes sense until we are taught otherwise. The thing is with such we keep unlearning as we grow because some things that used to make sense no longer do .

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