We sometimes we find ourselves in a position to defend our worth and fight for our worth to be validated by the society that does not acknowledge our existence . It is sometimes something that becomes a norm for individuals who have assumed a position of authority over our lives by projecting their feelings on how we’re suppose to look , feel or be like according to their preferences, such that we find ourselves conforming to their expectations in Oder for us to fit into their world . Only to find that we’re fooling ourselves if we think they actually care .

The mistake we make is to think by conforming we will be accepted. Whereas that’s self sabotage due to the fact that while trying to impress strangers who don’t live inside you , you lose the person inside you in the process .

There is nothing another person can do for you which you can’t do for yourself if they’re not where you want to be .

A feeling of unworthiness in my opinion is mainly caused by the need to be accepted yet rejected frequently. For some it’s an eye opener and for some it creates resentment hence failing mentality takes over and makes one believe they’re incapable of becoming great .

Now with the feeling of UNPRETTY , it is a different story because that’s a feeling shared mostly by women due to the society that has specific preferences on features and impose their preferences on those women hence the toxic social trends that dominates our generation these days .

Now who’s job is it to affirm and validate ? We ask …. In my opinion we have failed ourselves by allowing external entities define our realities whereas they have no clue whatsoever of what we go through on our daily .

The moment you give your power to someone to dictate your feelings , the moment your inner self lose confidence in you standing up for them to those or against those external entities, and once your inner self gives up ..your self esteem gets worse and whatever comes after becomes a disaster because every effort made out of doubt is already a failed attempt.

Let’s fight against all odds and see if we can’t succeed on our own without depending on outside entities . While we loop up to success May we never forget the power within ourselves .

An extension of this on my podcast The Borngreat E


Host : Ndo Dlakadla

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