The BORNGREATS…: A life without Background, A future without History….?!

Editor: Ndo Dlakadla

Podcast : A Tree without it roots withers

“How easy it is to always search for something we already have , in pursuit of greatness .”

We are spiritual beings who are having a human experience. Who we are is determined by our background . Who we ought to be ,is determined by our journey and the lessons we keep learning after we’ve endured the trying times and tests of life .
No man is an island, hence we are ought to search for answers from those who are before us and have walked the path . Our elders and ancestors have walked this path for us to be more enlightened and be more free as they were not as free as we are today . The next generation will survive those times through our dedication to teaching them about the do’s and don’t ‘s of life through our life lessons as we teach them the dangers of not enquiring from those who know better .
It is true , history can be manipulated for the gain of the greedy but also can be compromised by those who are selfish and only care about their lives and not the lives of those coming after .
We are here because there were others and so are they . So as we must ask ourselves if we are on the right path or not.

May we remember that those who fought never tasted the beauty of their victory ,but suffered to save the generations that came after them . The least we could do is to teach those after us what we know and let them figure the rest as they go through out the journey of life and it’s lessons .

We can not isolate the past from the future because the future does not exist without the past . When we forget who we are, that’s when the world claim it ownership over us because we do not associate ourselves with our roots and we are bound to wither like dead dry leaves . It’s possible to die while existing . Living is the gift only your creator can gift to you and embracing it is the gift of thanksgiving to your creator . Learn to be thankful for the gift of life and the gift of ability . You have what others don’t , never take that for granted .
There are rich people who envy the joy of a poor man, yet the poor man envies their wealth .
Nothing in this world is as it seem, there will always be a grey area in between .

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