When a subconscious mind envies toxic authority

When the subconscious mind envies the behaviour of the oppressor .

Naturally the position of authority is aspired by most, due to the fact that power and superiority is what makes one be seen or heard , as the narrative of the society portrays .

We as humans ,it is easy to submit to the authority that appears to be superior for many factors that may be at play e.g. work (salary), food , shelter etc mainly basic needs providers .

Now when the oppressor becomes toxic the oppressed often fails to fight back due to previous reasons and also fear that might be see as of disobedience in a sense that you leave you suffer kind of threats or whatever the case may be .

Now what happens when the oppressed finally detach from the oppressor ? The previously oppressed has potential to become the oppressor to those deemed weak due to the fact that now that there is freedom from the external captivity the internal captivity is still at play on the inside.

Some behaviour that may have been what the oppressed despised now somehow see it as attractive because it’s what used to keep them online and in check .

Now what do you think will happen to those under the previously oppressed ? They will suffer the similar issues or rather consequences simply because while those things were happening the subconscious mind was keeping records and somehow in envy of those action/Power .

How many times have we heard a black child saying when they grow up they want to become a white person ? Not that they want to become a white person per se ,but because they envy the privileges that came with such, and that race had access to ,hence the envy .

How many times have we been told to make a black person hear you ,you must hit them or show them physically who is in charge ? Now we’ve seen most males who suffered childhood traumas end up going through such and some end up being physically and emotionally violent towards their own be it their wife be it their children or whomever is their subordinates….. those they have control over . Why ?! You ask , well because the subconscious mind has potential to envy the oppressor . The need to have power and the need to be in control and the need to be heard or seen .

Now let’s look at the generation we’ve raised ?! Girls believe if they walk naked and do the extreme they’ll be heard . Some twerk some dance naked and show all their private parts in public unnecessarily all for validation and to be seen.

Now you may think I’m being biased because I am a woman well this happens to all genders and all races . These were just examples to make you see how easy it is to kill a human sanity and control their conscious mind by manipulating their subconscious mind.

Now how does one break away from such . It’s never easy to admit you have a problem just as it is never easy to admit you need help . Seek help and talk to people who are willing to listen . At the end of the day no one has the recipe of life but we help each other through our learned experiences.

Life is but a journey to those who are willing to fight through and meet their destinies in due time . We learn, we grow , we move but most importantly we survive as we fail forward .

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