Dare to love unconditionally:Growing inLove

What is love from another perspective?

When we are single we want to experience what those in relationships experience from a distance. We see them holding hands , kissing , laughing and doing all those things lovers do when they’re in a relationship and somehow yearn and long for what they feel due to what &how we think and believe they’re feeling during that period or in that moment we see them .

Little do we know that we are not exposed to their daily life or rather lives . Love is something no one has a full definition that will help those who are still confused have a clear understanding on what exactly is LOVE ?!

Love is a feeling that does not just go away whenever there is trouble or there’s a problem. Love is something you can’t touch yet can’t define in one definition or meaning because it is what every human being experience in their own perspective and view hence we have so many definitions of love .

It’s easy to define something in theory until it becomes an experience then that’s where your perspective change and you start going deeper in details due to what you’ve experienced and learned through out the years of your life experimenting in that process of finding love or giving love or sharing love . Be it with your loved ones or your partner .

Most of the times when people talk about love they always mention the feeling atleast that is one common factor we have as a universal thing that it is a feeling , what comes after that is each persons experience that will define their perspective as to what love means or is to them .

Some people impose their definitions on to others because they can’t deal with the fact that what they’ve been told may not be what actually is . Well … does this mean we have to unlearn the teachings of the previous generation and start our own traditions ? I don’t thing so …a way has been paved for us to add on top of each brick laid by those who have walked before us .

What am I saying , I’m trying to say falling in love is a term used is telenovelas and soapiest but in real life what is falling in love ? Do we really fall in love or we grow in love ? I believe in Growing in love. Not falling because to me falling is like you stumbled and found yourself in that place called love now you’re expecting another person to pick you up since you fell in love with them …maybe that is why people who were once inLove hate each other after sometime because they didn’t grow in love they fell in love . Anything that fell my be lifted or raised for it to stand .

But if something was planted and it grew it never requires to be lifted but only requires to be cultivated and natured as well and watering for it to grow.

And growing in love means you complement each other as you grow together in love . Something that is taken care of is bound to grow into something beautiful and bear fruits .

If the soil is ready for planting then a seed planted in that soil will grow and bear healthy fruits and plants that will give life to that space . Just like love .

I’d say we were lied to with these fairytale stories that made us believe that we fall inLove first then happy ever after follows .

We plant a seed of love and grow together as we learn from our mistakes and no expectations created makes it easy for both to learn together as they grow together therefore no one has high expectations or demand expectations to be met from the to other .

Where there are expectations disappointments follow because no one is perfect we all learn as we grow and no one has got it all figured out we’re all still trying to figure this life thing out let alone this LOVE thing .

It is never easy to read a human being because humans evolve they’re forever growing and evolve just as times evolve hence they’re perspective change every time . Today they say something they believe in then next they change they’re mind due to whatever it is that convinced their mentality to be swayed to a different direction of life .

A life lesson can also make one change their mind o out their beliefs due to their experiences and outcome of their decisions based on what they’ve been through which led to them believing what they believe in that present moment of their lives .

To live a life that gives unconditional love requires one to be less judgemental and more open to learning and growing with those they believe are worthy of their space .

I have learned the lesson of life that love is not a fairytale but it is a feeling that keeps evolving as you grow and keep cultivating and nature it with intentional efforts .

Our persistence will determine the outcome if we don’t get tired of cultivating our growing seed of love .

Host: Ndo Dlakadla …..
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