At times we find ourselves in positions where we’re confused and unsure of our future .

Noises from the outside are often dominant when there is confusion . A moment of silence and introspection helps one to find perspective. You’re never alone when your intuition is active . Though sometimes when we doubt ourselves we tend to forget how powerful our sense can be & if we pay attention we will find answers .

Standing at a crossroads without a plan can be frustrating. Let alone a crossroad without any pointers. Let it sink in .you’re not a machine , you’re a human being . We all go through such phases in life . Sometimes even your faith whatever belief you have, this phase catches up with us despite our beliefs . When we’re weak we can’t function , We can’t reason ,we can’t even get ourselves up because in that state we are weak and unable .

When we let it all sink In we allow ourselves grieve and mourn our pain and Los if whatever it is that we lost and made us frustrated. Trusting ourselves in this phase is like a dream that’ll never be realistic due to recent experiences that led to that space of frustration. Focus on healing from within.

After all that has been said and done . Have a moment to let it all sink in . Let it all make sense . It’s ok if it ends up not making any sense … that too is a good think . Just ponder on it . In the end answers will eventually come to light . One thing one must be careful not to do in such phases ,is to not make any decisions because decisions made when one is too emotional have a way of backfiring .

By the time you wake up …you realise your decision coursed more damage than good .

Let it all sink in before you make any decisions to go further .

“Podcasts that is aimed at sharing life lessons . Who knows maybe your solutions to whatever you may be going through today lies in what others have been through and conquered .“~~Ndo Dlakadla

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