Never embrace a place where you’re not received

Never justify the demeaning and disrespect made or done towards you

Always clarify your position with your kind gestures and be firm about your boundaries lest you be taken for granted for your emphatic character

It’s easy for some people to conclude that you’re naive or timid when it comes to confrontation hence they find it easy to speak their mind and not consider your feelings because they usually don’t care since you never reveal your true feelings towards their unjustified actions .

Look , in this life it’s other you are or you’re not and when you seem to be in between the lines people will always assume the worst since we already live in a world that only accommodates evil than good .

No matter how hard you try to do good for others they’ll always see you as something that’s belong to the sidelines .

Well rejection for others is actually good because sometimes the people who rejects you are exactly what you don’t need in your life so being rejected by those people is a blessing in disguise since embracing them would be a total mistake especially if they don’t see you as anything better or worthy of their respect.

Rejection is not always a bad thing . Sometimes to be rejected by some toxic people means you have a potential to flourish in other places away from those who never cease an opportunity to bring you down or pull you to the ground for every efforts you make .

The thing is ,You’d find that ..those exact people who criticise your efforts envy your courage of doing what they wished they had beans but don’t die tk whatever is holding them back .

Or maybe it’s just the fact that they never rated you in any level higher than their expectations out of you .

So when you do the unexpected they become uncomfortable and feel like failures due to projection hence the misdirected hatred towards you when in actual fact it’s them they’re angry with , you just happen to trigger their fears and caused them to confront their weaknesses where they least expected .

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